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0. Hi!

My name is Christine, thanks for stopping by my tradelist!

If you'd like to trade, please mail me at chri5blankstarside.
Feel free to offer on any of my items,
but please note that I am very unlikely to trade my HTPW / Closet items.
For the most part I follow /~waka as a guildline for values, however values are subjective and I may value the item you are interested in higher / lower than value guides.

Happy trading!

Note: I am always seeking GBCs / FQC

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2. 2:1 Sale

Two items for either one GBC or 1:1 FQC, depending on availability of boxes and the item

Boxes: 1
GBCs: 5

Note: Numbers indicate quantity

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1. Actively Seeking

Always seeking GBCs / FQCs

Open to GBCs / custom / TL

'55' = pending trades
'22' = seeking for a trade

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2. HP Wishes

Open to closet items / GBCs / custom, please let me know what you are seeking for these!

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