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1. introduction —

hello, i'm tris :*

i'm available to discuss trades throughout the week,
so please never hesitate to NM me!
i love getting to know new people <3

my closet is a bit of a WIP in terms of aesthetic,
but everything i own is here for potential browsers to see ^^

last updated ; 06/25/2020

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a. pride & joy's —

a collection of items that make me proud!

let's give a moment of silence for the eventide mountains BG that I gave up along the way </3

{ these are not uft! gifts are labeled with a '2' }

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b. hard to part with —

my little treasures <3

these will only be offered for items in my dreams & populars WL's - but it never hurts to ask!

any numbers = quantity

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g. dyeworks —

this is a wip list as i open dw caps!

any numbers = quantity

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a. in terms of importance —

always seeking = dreams whenever i can afford it = pops

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