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0. Notes

[UPDATED 24/july/2017]

Box count: 1

I don't have side accounts, so everything here can be sent to LYSTERN!

I am a very friendly person! You can always ask something! n_n

This list is always being updated, so don't feel bad if you have something from lowest priorities. It can be highest priorities tomorrow! :3

Everything here I won't use, so if you are offering some item from my WL, you can choose without worrying about the value! But just the WL, ok? Ok. u_u (Because I need the boxes)

Aaaaaaand I can do 2:1! But I'm so lazy to organize about it LOL

twitter: @theharkon
This list is empty.

6. Wings

This list is empty.

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1. I really need it!!

2. High Priority

Dress to Impress
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