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0: General Trading Information

Anything marked 69 is either extremely hard to part with or extremely high priority,
depending on whether it's on my tradelist or my wishlist.
I may turn down perfectly fair offers on items I feel attached to.

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2: Main Tradelist || UFT

Willing to do 2:1 for certain items on this section, just ask!

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Items Gabbi wants

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0: Need to Replace || NC

I've never regretted anything in this site as much as I regret trading this away.

My Thespian is ideally only UFT 1:1 for Fabled,
but if you think it's too low of an offer, let me know what you'd be seeking.

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1: High Priority Wishes || NC

Non-Wearable Wishlist:
Limited Edition Christmas Wocky Key Quest Token

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3: Low Priority Wishes || NC

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