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Updated 06th July 2020 - Currently on a semi hiatus, likely won't respond to mails sorry

Hello here is my TL. I'm online most days, might be a bit weird at replying because I play neo at work and need to be stealthy SHHHH. Timezone is GMT (NST+8). I currently have GBCs and boxes.

Items marked 999 are not UFT at this time, any other numbers denote quantity . I'll move the 999 stuff down the bottom so it does not bother you. Items marked with 22 are pending trade. :)

Honestly at the moment I'm not seeking anything but my wishes.

I can also offer GBCs and cookies.

Have a wonderful day! ^^

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Foregrounds and Garlands and Backgrounds, oh my

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Stuff idk how to categorise / I gave up sorry

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Wigs 'n' Hats

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