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A Note

Everything here is up for trade for wishes and/or GBCs; my closet/NFT items are private. Please feel free to inquire! Numbers indicate quantity. For values I follow ~Korolie.

For my High Priority Wishes, I am willing to offer GBCs (if I have them) and custom (always).

*Note: Right now I'm pretty much out of GBCs to trade for items, but if you have one of my High Priority wishes and are looking for custom, feel free to ask about a trade. I might not be able to do it, but you never know :)

Last updated December 7, 2017.

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~ Buyables

These are 2:1 (GBC) or 1:1 (dyeworks potion). For a lot of them, if you send me a GBC and there's more than 2 boxes, I can match the number of boxes with items.

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