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Hi, Welcome to the DTI of Ian (hidden_fear6)!!!

Here you will find all of my items that I've accumulated in the short time I've been NC trading. I know it's not the most impressive TL, but give me a break, I've only been at this for a few months and I'm an 18-yr-old student so I can't exactly dump 100s of $$$ on NC.

If you have any trade inquiries, please NM me at the link above, and I'm usually on at least once a day so it shouldn't be too long until I get back to you.

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e. Regular TL

Most of this I'm not too attached to, and it would probably end up being upcycled anyway, so offer away.

Might be willing to do some of these in 2:1 trades for GBCs, just ask!!!

Quantity indicates quantity here... for values just look at /~waka

This list is empty.
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