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A. DW Items I Can Lend

Can do 2:1 or will take a dye pot or doubles if I have enough boxes.

This list is empty.


Really picky with this stuff. I use it a lot. 99 = Never UFT .

This list is empty.

Dw for trade (not part of cap sale)

This list is empty.

Estrolica and Skeletalcircus' closet

items labeled 3 are on skeletal circus 99 = HTP 100 Not for trade.

This list is empty.

Little Higher Value/rare or Just HTPW

I'll trade from here, just may be more picky with some items. Some items might be UFT for GBCs.
*I don't agree with the guide on all values.

This list is empty.

one to two cap items

All this stuff is 1-2 caps.

This list is empty.

z. Free For All

Random stuff. I may need to check value before trading. If you need something here, let me know. I may do 2:1

This list is empty.
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