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1. Welcome!!!

I am currently on a HIATUS and am not sure when I will be back.
When I do come back this message will be deleted. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Welcome to my trading list {hugs}

I'm always open to casual trades and don't mind mailed offers

I am very flexible and willing to negotiate, so please don't be afraid to ask on an item you see

That's it! Thanks for looking ^^

This list is empty.

2. Highlights

Things of value or things I think are pretty

Most of these are UFT for wishes only but I might trade some for GBCs/custom

Any number besides 99 indicates quantity, not value

I will be picky with some of these so please don't be offended if I turn down a fair offer

Also UFT: Altador Cup Scroll Gift Box Mystery Capsule (Valued ~2-3)

This list is empty.

4. Tradelist

Will accept GBCs/Upcycle Cookies/custom for any of these

This list is empty.

5. 2:1

Items here are 2:1 GBC

This list is empty.

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