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My closet is hidden. Everything here is definitely up for trade!
Note: Numbers on my tradelist represent quantity and not values.

Please give me some time to respond. I'm trying to be around less
often than I was before. I will be online daily to do dailies though!

This list is empty.


Don't have any of my wishlist items? Have no fear! I gladly take:
NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie, Training Fortune Cookie, 7th Birthday
Cake Slice #1, 8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake or ANY Gift Box Cube

Casual trades are also great if you saw something you wanted.

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Items Siren wants

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00 = Means I'm Stilly Iffy or Deciding.
11 = Highest Priority / Trade Me Now!
22 = Medium Priority / Want Soon-ish
33 = Low Priority / Just Casually After
44 = Most Likely Seeking For A Friend

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