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00 - Intro

I use ~waka and ~Priscilla for values but will occasionally disagree with them. I usually focus on my high priority wishes almost exclusively, so I can sometimes refuse fair offers for some of my items, especially if they are HTPW or if I intend to use them as fodder for higher priority items. I always try to reply to NM offers even if I refuse them; if I haven't replied to yours I've likely forgotten or missed it. If my NM is full please send me a Foal in Box to let me know.

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05 - UFT 4+ GBCs

Numbers represent value.

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07 - Undetermined Value

These are items that are new and/or whose value is still undetermined. I'm unlikely to trade these away for now unless I offer them or you offer a high priority wish or very valuable item.

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Items verlaud wants

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01 - High priority WL

04 - For galleries

These are items I want for one of my galleries, not for customizations. This means they are currently the LOWEST priority for me, and so I am more likely to refuse offers for them because customization items are usually much higher priority for me.

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