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I'm currently only seeking GBCs and high priority items
So feel free to click Compare with Your Items and then use CTRL+F to search for "100" (my HPIs in my WL)

Only Items marked with a "6" on my TL can be traded right now. I am completely out of boxes on all other accounts.
Edit: I have 1 box available on the account where the items are unmarked, but only 1.

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Since CAPCHAs are still a pain in the butt, I'll add this very important note, from my profile, here:

If I do not reply to your neomail within 24 hours, and I've been online, I DID NOT GET IT!
Either it never went through, or it never notified me. PLEASE MAIL ME AGAIN!

Numbers on items are for my organization, and have nothing to do with amounts

I use /~Waka for reference

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HTPW items just mean that I like them a lot, or use them often.

It does not mean I will over-value them. However, it does, mean that I may say no to a perfectly fair offer.

Readily available to 100s/99s offers
See the top of my wish list for an explanation.

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Items Benji wants

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100s, 99s, and 50s

100s are my most sought after at the moment

99s mean I have an outfit planned for them, but I may, or may not, be seeking them at the moment.

50s are being sought for friends. They want them and I have more things to trade than they do~

_00 high priority with the first number being the amount of them that I need

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| Odds Nc Ends |

These aren't exactly a high priority.

Unlikely willing to trade HTPW items for these, unless they're expensive items, or marked with 100s/99s

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|| 8enjamin Gallery ||

For my 'Plaid' gallery on 8enjamin

Items from here should be sent there.

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