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A Very Warm Welcome!

NOTE: All of the items that I own are set to public, not trading, as I don't have enough of a cushion to be trading away the things I worked so hard to put into my closet, so please don't be offended if I reject any offers on things.

Last Updated: 03 August, 2019

Thanks for stopping by!

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Amazing Gifts from Kind People

Having been on Neo for so long but not having started NC trading until mid-July 2018, starting from nothing was daunting!
I have been fortunate to meet the kindest and most generous people who have gifted me such amazing things!

Alexis, Amo, April, Autumn, Cassie, Chris, Christine, Colleen, Fitz, Ivy, Jak, Jen, Kaily, Katherine, Katie, Kim, Kirsten, Lady Mouse, Lisa, Maddy, Marissa, Ojou, Phil, Rei, Ren, Sandy, Snazzy, Spica, Tami, Tati, Tay, Taylor, Val, Vicki,
and those of you who have remained anonymous.

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Main - Near, Not Quite Dear

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Main - Semi Unclear

Items I'm Not Sure What to Use For

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Main - Spring Cleaning

Items I'm Not Likely to Use

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