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0. Hallo!

Hey pals! I'm Devon and I'm crazy about backgrounds! I'm pretty chill so if you want to trade just HMU. :) If you message me and don't hear back, feel free to send again. Neo really likes to not tell me when I have neomails lol.

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A. Highlights

The cool stuff that I may not be super attached to and the less cool stuff that I AM a little attached to. :P Items labeled 2 may be UFT for GBCs/non priority wishes, all others are only UFT for priorities and high value/HTF wishes. 88 = on a side, for my own reference

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B. Regular Tradelist

UFT for GBCs, archive cookies, and wishes. If there's something in here that you'd normally see in a 2:1 I apologize but I don't do 2:1s very often, I tend to be low on boxes.

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Items thebarghestiest wants

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A. Priority Weeshes

Stuff for customs I'm currently putting together, y'all know the drill. Offering from regular tradelist and highlights, + full GBCs. I'm also willing to trade from my private closet for some of these, so if you don't see anything send me your WL and I'll happily take a look! :)

Items labeled 999 I'm willing to trade retired Wonderclaw capsules for.

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