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0. Hallo! /Gifts

Hey pals! I'm Devon and I'm crazy about backgrounds!

Items in this section are gifts and are not UFT, just wanted to show some appreciation! Thanks so much to the kind folks who've gifted me these <3 (If there's another in another list, it's because I got ahold of a duplicate.)

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01. Closet/HTPW

If you can see this, I briefly have it public exclusively for priority items, and even then not everything here may be up for trade. Never UFT for GBCs/custom/casual wishes.

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A. Highlights

The cool stuff that I may not be super attached to and the less cool stuff that I AM a little attached to. :P Items labeled 2 may be UFT for GBCs/non priority wishes, all others are only UFT for priorities and high value/HTF wishes. 88 = on a side, for my own reference

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B. Regular Tradelist

UFT for GBCs, archive cookies, and wishes.

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