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++ BOXES: 9 ++

SOME ITEMS ARE ON SIDE ACCOUNTS. If I have no boxes on the side, I will only be able to trade if a gbcap is included. Thank you for understanding!

Priority : NC wheel cookie, gbcaps, then all other caps

This list is empty.

++ Winter Time ++

This list is empty.

- 2:1 NC Wheel Cookie/GBCap/RR Cap Sale -

1 NC Wheel Cookie, or caps for ANY TWO items listed


This list is empty.

- 3 CAP SALE -



QTY means how many caps or cookies I am seeking!!

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- Highlights -

I am ideally looking for my wishlist, RR capsules, and NC archive wheel cookies for these!~ ^-^

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~ Contacts, Glasses, and Masks ~

~ Shoes ~

Items ostian wants

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Aziraphale (Top Priority)

I need these items for my boy Aziraphale's custom but the shirt and trousers are interchangeable so they are very low priority; I will not be trading for these items unless I see them in a 2:1! The wings and cherub wig are my highest priority right now!~ ^^

99 indicates item is replaceable with any other similar items so these are not priorities to me ^^

This list is empty.

Fall Wishes (Low Priority)

I'm not actively seeking these bcuz I mostly need caps and cookies but I would love these ^_~

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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