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last updated: nov 29, 2019

Hi! I'm Sherru~
I'm on a semi-break from hectic/stressful NC trading.
But feel free to mail me anytime about NC trades ❤  
I have custom & gbcs if you have any of my larger wishes.

Please note:
My timezone is currently NST +16.
Please be patient if you mail me regarding a trade! 
If you don't hear back from me within a day or so, please mail me again!  
I try to reply all mails so I may have missed yours. :( 
Thanks for dropping by!  


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plushies        shenkuu
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⇃⇃⇃⇃⇃ Go directly to wishlists! Do not browse TL. Do not collect more casual wishes. ⇂⇂⇂⇂⇂

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[5] sale—one cap

Saaaaaaaaaaale — 1 gbc or 1 upcycle regardless of value

This list is empty.

[6] sale—2:1 gbc or 3:2 upcycle cookies

2 for 1 gbc /OR/ 3 for 2 upcycles
List is a mix of buyables and unbuyables :U
I do regularly upcycle so I apologize if it's not too up to date.

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« G i f t s »

Thank you to all my lovely friends & amazing NCCers 
who've been beyond kind to me. :3

The loveliest Kel for Birthday Streamer Curtains ;__;
among others all while being the most awesomest person :*

The amazing Sherry for basically more than half of this list,
for always lending me all the htf items for my customs, and for helping me 
build up my tradelist. Now, please stop digging in your closet. :')

Jen, Shauna, Maura, Nela, Sky, Mei and all the amazing souls
who've been super kind and absolute angels since I started NC trading. :'3

And everyone else who've made the endless bumping days on the NCC tolerable~ ^_^

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[1] But what are wishes?

i need a break from stressful NC trading
casual trades still welcome c:

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