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last updated: feb 15, 2020

Hi! I'm Sherru~ ❤
Feel free to mail about trades but sometimes I may take a bit to reply.
I'm not the best person to ask if you're "urgently" seeking a trade. :/
Please mail me again if you don't get a reply; I do miss mails when I'm busy
Thanks for dropping by!  

⇃⇃⇃⇃⇃ Go directly to wishlists! Do not browse TL. Do not collect more casual wishes. ⇂⇂⇂⇂⇂

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[1] highlights

Retired Mystery Capsules UFT
7x Retired Altador Cup Mystery Capsule
15x Retired Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule
>20x Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule (2019)

seeking wishes, item:item trades
pickier with these items, # of 9s indicate level of picky-ness
I generally defer to /~waka, /~sovenn and /~priscilla for values

This list is empty.

[3] sale section

currently seeking: archive cookies
I'm not trading these at discounted values in item:item trades.
Items are only discounted for the item(s) indicated above.
Regular values for all item:item trades, please.

Quantity = # of caps/gbcs

This list is empty.

[4] 1 cap dyeworks

seeking Cosy Candlelight Retired Mystery Capsules
or regular values for item:item trades

99 — pending neomail confirmation

This list is empty.

[5] 1 cap deals

seeking Cosy Candlelight Retired Mystery Capsules or Fire & Ice GBCs
or regular values for item:item trades

This list is empty.

[6] 2:1 deals

any 2 items for 1 Cosy Candlelight Retired Mystery Capsule or 1 Fire & Ice GBC
List is a mix of buyables and unbuyables :U
I do regularly upcycle so I apologize if it's not too up to date.

This list is empty.

Items araelle wants

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[1] stoof I'd like

back to TL?

Please note:
Due to the nature of work I can get very busy and very tired
Feel free to neomail but don't expect a prompt reply. I'll reply as soon as I can.

For casual trades:
I prefer Cosy Candlelight Retired Mystery Capsules, upcycle or archive cookies.
Rather than trade for random ~1-2, ~2-3 items, I'd rather trade for RR caps, upcycle or achive cookies and maybe gbcs.
Generally, my htf/pops are only uft towards htf wishes

I can also offer gbcs & unlimited custom for wishes here!
only casually seeking gingy plush as filler, or offering 1:1 from some sale sections

This list is empty.
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