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hello [dec'20]

I'm overloaded with boxes and gbcs D:
unless indicated, not accepting gbc offers
also have zero interest in SS packs
always interested in shenanigifts RR caps


hi! i'm sherru!
if it's not on these lists, I don't have it for trade :C
please allow ~24 hours for responses I'm overworked all the time

Non-wearables: Previous RR Caps; GBC types

↓↓↓↓↓ to wishlists ↓↓↓↓↓

This list is empty.

[3] tradelist

NO GBCS PLEASE, Shenanigifts RR caps ok
everything here valued at least ~2

This list is empty.

[4] dyeworks

NO GBCS PLEASE unless I have more than 1

Value of dyeworks is based on /~waka + ratio of trading vs seeking
I do not do 2:1s on dyeworks, sorry

This list is empty.

[5] 1 cap sale

1:1 Shenanigifts RR cap

This list is empty.

[6] 2:1 sale

2:1 Shenanigifts RR cap
1:1 dyepot

This list is empty.

Items araelle wants

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[1] seeking~

back to TL?

also offering gbcs & custom

GBCs available:

7 - currently buyable or in FF
55 - currently RR'd, not trading HTPW/HTFs; I rather gamble

This list is empty.

[2] for friends :3

[3] populars~

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