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Items spectronaut owns

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I. Hello there!

Last updated: May 2022

Hey there! I'm Liv and welcome to my tradelist! Looking forward to making a potential trade with you!

Just a few things for you to know
'99' = Pending Trade
Numbers mean quantity
I accept GBCs for many items as well as item trades

If we are unsure of a value, I don't mind making a VC board

Please feel free to neomail me with your offers. I always reply unless I didn't get the mail. ^_^ This list is empty.

III. Tradelist

This list is empty.

V. Paintbrush Clothes

I would love to help dress your pet! Just let me know if I have anything you need. ^_^

Some of these are on a side, so please neomail me first so I can determine where the items are before you transfer your neopet to me to be dressed. Thanks!!

Note: Paint brush clothes can only be transferred with an undressed pet of the clothing color. I will have to temporarily adopt your pet, dress them and then send them back the next day. I cannot just send you the PB clothes.

Please see JellyNeo's pound guide for more information: https://www.jellyneo.net/?go=pound

This list is empty.

Items spectronaut wants

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I. NC Wishlist

These are some items I like and think could be cool to switch things up on my account. ^_^

21 means I'm hoping to find in a 2:1 sale or trade for an equal item

This list is empty.

II. Seeking for Ari

These are items my friend, Ari, is seeking.

All items will go to softypaws

To view her full wishlist, please click here

This list is empty.

III. Seeking for Toon

Dress to Impress
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