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List of GBC, Cookies, etc that I have

FQF cookies, Winter Starlight Gift Box Mystery Capsule, Sparkling Snowflake Gift Box Mystery Capsule Stormy Skies Gift Box Mystery Capsule

moved to skayc1 except the cookies.

This list is empty.

on my skayc1 - now my main

NC items on my skayc1 side, Have 5 boxes so far!

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On my skayc1111 side account no boxes

on skayc11- no boxes now a side.

These items are on my now side account, will trade for GBC's the number of GBC's will be by the value of the item. Just ask me by messaging skayc1. I do not keep boxes to send on this account.

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on skayc11111 side account no boxes

NC items on my skayc11111 side, no boxes.

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Items skayc11 wants

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highest priority

Want this more than any other If my item is worth more, then you'll get a bargain! If you also want to add a GBC, I just might do it for items on this list. There will only be one item on this list at a time. If all you want is GBC's then for the current Item I'll trade 4 GBC's.

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Want, yet can't afford

so I know I don't have enough GBC for these items, however I'm still learning which things are more valuable so if I have something in my closet that equals the value for something I want here let me know!

This list is empty.
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