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- intro -

i try and answer all mails as soon as possible!
i'm on hiatus quite frequently and may not pop online for a bit.
please don't think i'm ignoring you! ♥

last updated: november 2017

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a. closet uft

items in my closet i don't use often enough to warrant keeping them :K
these are all htpw, at varying degrees!
don't be afraid to ask about them though ~

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b. highlights + htpw

items marked '99' mean htpw, but will easily part with them for certain wishes ~
i occasionally trade things here for full or partial custom, just ask!

looking to trade water lily and back porch for smaller populars ~
can definitely browse tradelists for those items!

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c. regular tl

everything here is uft for all wishes or gbcs ~

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Items Kiley wants

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a. high priority wishes

always seeking gbcs!
items marked '99' are highest priority!
any items marked '100' i will part with closet items for, so show me your wishlist ~

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