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December 5th, 2019

Seeking custom or gbcs for list (1), maybe list (2). However, i'm
only seeking wishlist items for list (3). Please just don't offer
otherwise or else I will have to politely decline. Thank you. ^-^

Customs I will almost always accept...
Faerie Quest, Lab Ray, and NC Upcycle Fortune Cookies!

Please ignore the quantity on my items, they are for me to use.
I do have a hidden list of goodies for hard-to-find stuff!

This list is empty.


Basically duplicates and junk I will most likely never touch. Take
them and give them a new home, won't you? I'm begging you! v_v

This list is empty.

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Friends (High Priority)

Since my friends' wishes change so often. I've linked them here! (:
Chiara: 1 - Katherine: 2 - Krissy: 3 - Luke: 4 - Maddy: 5 - Moos: 6

This list is empty.
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