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!!! Information !!!

Always happy to receive neomails regarding NC trades; even if you don't have any of my wishlist items, I'm more than willing to browse your trade lists as I also have quite a few hidden wish lists myself.

Any item appearing in more than one list means I have a duplicate!

If you don't get a response from me I probably did not receive you mail (or, although unlikely, I forgot to respond). 100% feel free to neomail me again!

Only Section 5 is UFT for GBCs / Custom unless I explicitly state otherwise.

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2b. Public Closet

For High Priority Wishes or HTF Pops ONLY. Will still be a bit picky, I apologize in advance!

This list is set to Public.

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3. Hard to Part With

Only looking for wishes for these; even then, I'll be picky! Items marked 99 are most HTPW.

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4. Prettier Things

Things I find prettier but have less attachment to.

Open to browsing trade lists for these as I have a lot of hidden wish lists. (:

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5. For GBCs

This list is empty.

Items waritha wants

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1a. Higher Priority

The more 9's, the more I want/need it.

Collecting pink / sweets-related / items that contain the word ’heart’ or ‘valentine’. Please show me your wishlists if you have any of the below UFT! c:

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2. Lower Priority

Only very casually seeking or things I find pretty. May turn down a perfectly fair offer if it's not something I actively have plans for.

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