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- Hello! -

This is a tradelist so if it's on list it's UFT, please offer directly!

p.s. I share this TL with my sister and we trade for each other's wishes,
sometimes the list may not be perfectly up-to-date but we try our best to get organized.

Thanks for checking and have fun trading! c:

This list is empty.

Only for HP wishes

This list is only UFT for higher priority wishes
99 = only UFT for wishes marked 99

This list is empty.

Regular TL 1

Non-wearables UFT: Retired Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.

Regular TL 2

This list is empty.


For 1 gbc / archive cookie / small wishes
I can do 2:1 for buyables (too lazy to sort them out XD)

This list is empty.

Items chocopurin wants

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3. Casual Wishes

lower priority
I might be picky with these items if I'm low on box

This list is empty.

4. NP Wishes

Let me know if you are selling any of these please!

This list is empty.
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