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1. Gifts <3

Sometimes I'm blessed with very kind Neopians who gift me some items of my wish. You did made my day if you're one of them. Thanks so much!!!
Items on this list will never be UFT, please don't ask.

This list is empty.

2. Lending

Lending for 1 GBC, Archive Cookie or Dyepot!

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Items babidn wants

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NC High Priority Wishlist

Those NC itens I need with high priority because I already have the pets that I want to customize using them, so if you're trading any, please let me know!
Currently offering my TL/GBCs/Cookies/RR caps and custom!!!
21 means I'm only seeking the item if it's a 2:1. And 22 means pending.

This list is empty.

Not a high priority

I don't have the pets yet so I'm not in a hurry to get these items.

This list is empty.

NP Wishlist

Mail me if you're selling these items, but please tell me the price on your NM!

This list is empty.
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