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Please do not ask about these items.

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Try 2 pry

Not necessarily high value but I love em so usually only UFT for wishies

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UFT - Valued at 1-2 GBC

Non-wearables UFT:
10 x Full of Fall Mystery Capsule - 1-2 caps

This list is empty.

UFT - Valued at v50-60 GBC

Open to offers on this, including GBC offers

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Value unknown/unstable - offer!

Numbers refer to what I think they're worth but I'm always open to hearing even radically different offers for these because they're not stable.

Non-wearables UFT:

1 x 7th Birthday Cake Slice #2
8 x 12th Birthday Carnival Wish Candle
4 x 12th Birthday Garden Party Wish Candle
1 x Creepy Spyder Coffin Goodie Bag
1 x Festive Balloons Goodie Bag
1 x Golden Heart Valentine Goodie Bag
1 x Haunted Woods Mystery Capsule
1 x Holiday Goodie Bag
1 x Holly Tree Goodie Bag
1 x Korbats in the Meowclops Goodie Bag
1 x Krawk Island Mystery Capsule
2 x Lucky Charms Mystery Capsule
1 x Neopia Central Mystery Capsule
4 x NC Mall 12th Birthday Iridescent Mystery Capsule
1 x Peppermint Goodie Bag
4 x Perfect Paradise Retired Mystery Capsule
1 x Snowman Goodie Bag
1 x Spooky Skull Goodie Bag

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Items undeadsissy wants

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1. Very huge want plz

2. Big want

Numbers refer to waka value. e.g 12 = 1~2 and 5060= 50~60. Always willing to trade GBCs, cookies, custom etc. for these as well as larger value trade items.

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zz Pretrades organised

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