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0. Hello hi

I'm open to looking at TLs for items that aren't part of my wishes!~

GBC count: 2
Box count: nada zzz

last updated: 16/9/20

This list is empty.

1.1 Regular UFT

will consider wishes and GBCs! also open to looking at TLs that are not part of my wishes
im using Priscilla and Waka's values

Items marked 4444 means its on a boxless side acc and will require GBCs
single numbers indicate just quantity
double numbers indicate values (i.e: 12 = ~1-2, 23 = ~2-3, 22 = ~2)
triple numbers indicate quantity of item followed by value (i.e: 212 means i got 2 of them valued at ~1-2 each)

99 means item is pending
This list is empty.

1.2 Clearance

2:1 for GBCs / archive cookies
1:1 for FQC / labray cookies

Items marked 99 means they're pending

This list is empty.

2. PB Clothes (Free to Claim)

Feel free to NM me if you'd like to take them.

You will need to have the painted pet and transfer(s) ready before mailing me, thanks
Note my main account is still young and I can only do one in and out transfer each per month

Numbers indicate account

This list is empty.

Items illegaltruffle wants

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1. Priorities (Main)

Primarily looking for these items for my main

99 means there's a trade pending for me

This list is empty.

2. Priorities (Side)

primarily looking for these items for my side accounts
different numbering indicate different sides
99 means theres a trade pending

This list is empty.
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