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Updated - 6/24/2020: Not actively trading.

This list is empty.


Can offer but I may not part with these. Number indicates quantity - Will accept GBC/Caps/Cookies for extras.

This list is empty.


2 indicates quantity which can be traded for Archive Cookies and GBCs.
7 means closet item.

This list is empty.

Only UFT for Certain Items - Read Description

Please note that these items are only UFT for certain items I am after. I will ignore mails if they are not for the items I am searching for here.

This list is only for:
Silver Key Garland

Again, not UFT for customs, GBCs, or my General Wants list.

This list is empty.

Take These Away - GBC Sale!

Numbers represent caps.
21 means 2:1.
No number means 1 cap, 2 means 2 caps, etc.
If you see 212, 213, etc. this means quantity. Just ignore as it's for me to keep track of my hoard. (: