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1. UFT

GBCs: 82 || Boxes: 134
Customs & Cookies available

Last Update 17th March 2020

Quantities are number available

7 x Temple of 1000 Tombs Mystery Capsule
6 x Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule
5 x New Year 2019 Celebration Mystery Capsule

1. UFT
1.1 Backgrounds
1.2 Background Items
1.3 Foreground, Frames & Foreground Items
1.4 Wigs and Hats
1.5 Makeup, Markings & Masks
1.6 Clothing
1.7 Wings
1.8 Handheld Items
2 UFT 2:1

ALWAYS seeking heart items for my gallery, if you have a heart item I haven't got on my wishlist I almost certainly want it!

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1.3. Foreground, Frames & Foreground Items

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Items power_and_beauty wants

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2. Random Wants

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2.5. Hats, Horns and Wings

Dress to Impress
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