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Items Eliade owns

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DW Lending

I can lend you any of these for 1 GBC! :)

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Highlights Up For Trade

Slightly more valuable items.
UFT for wishes or GBC's :)

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NC Tradelist

Hi! Feel free to neomail me at: morganbreanna if you see anything you like. I can do a 2:1 for some of these, for either a GBC or one of my many, many wishes :) I hope we can set up a trade! Current box count: 8

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Items Eliade wants

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My dream backgrounds! I know, I know, some are more realistic than others. But I'm open to offers :)

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NP Wishlist

This is mostly for my own reference :) I'm hoping to whittle this list down one item at the time :p

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Dress to Impress
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