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000: Hello

Hi!! I'm generally open to trading for GBC, and sometimes FQC, even if I haven't been on neopets for a bit. As long as you can find me and rouse me from my neopets slumber, I will look at your trade offers. Feel free to neomail me, you're more likely to catch me on neomail than the boards. If I don't respond in 24 hours, neomail me again.

I'm not very into NC trading/collecting, but I do check all offers against /~waka

Nonwearables also up for trade:
9th Birthday Flower Cupcake
Rainbow Ray Mechanical Negg
Sound The Alarm Mechanical Negg
Spyder Mechanical Negg
13th Birthday Midsummer Cupcake
13th Birthday Diamond Cupcake

This list is empty.

007: VHTPW

i'm like, very unlikely to trade these

This list is empty.

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