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*** Attention: Please Read First ***

Last updated: 10th January 2018 NST.

I am online everyday, so neomails are welcome. However, I might be a little slow to reply as I've been working extra hours at work lately so have been too sleepy to go on Neo.

Urgently Seeking GBCs!!!

Box count (Main): 27

Box Count (Side): 05

This list is empty.

3.) NC Tradelist (SDB)

Main NC Tradelist - please see for complete list.

This list is empty.

4.) 2:1 Sale

2 items for 1 GBC

This list is empty.

5.) Side NC Tradelist

These items are on my side accounts so will mainly be UFT for GBCs as they are not guaranteed to have boxes.

Non-Wearable NC items UFT: Candy Corn Cupcake (2:1), 8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake (2:1), 9th Birthday Confetti Cupcake (2:1)

Items marked "100", "200" are 2:1 =) All other numbers indicate what I value the item at.

This list is empty.

6.) Spare PB Clothing

This lists all the spare PB clothes that I have no use of. If interested please neomail me.

This list is empty.

Seasonal NC Tradelist

Seasonal NC Items UFT

This list is empty.

Items Callie_C wants

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1.) Gallery NC Wishlist

This is my main gallery NC wishlist. Please see full list at

Numbers indicate what I value the items at.

Only 30 items to go!!!

This list is empty.

2.) Closet NC Wishlist

This closet wishlist is primarily based on what would look awesome on my Neopets on my main account. Especially the Uni. Most especially the Uni :P

Numbers refer to how much I value these items at, and how much I'm willing to trade them for. In this category, items here are usually worth 1-3 caps (no number indicates that I value them at 1 cap).

100 = currently buyable from the NC Mall, including current prizes available from active NC games and events.

This list is empty.

4.) Baby Closet NC Wishlist

Closet wishlist for vgy09.

This list is empty.
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