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0. Important & Misc. Info

GBCs Available: 3

Giftboxes Left: 6
NC: 0

Interested In:

Please don't hesitate to message me about trading. I won't ignore your message, like many others tend to do...


Note: While I do have my values displayed, I don't strictly adhere to these values. It's more for my reference. Please feel free to make an offer! The worst I can say is no :)

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1a. HTPW

Items I find hard to part with because I haven't decided if I want to use them yet. I'm likely to trade for my high value priority wishes.

Quantity = Value (more for my reference)

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Items SunflowerLoving wants

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1a. Priority Wishes (Main Account)!

I am seeking these items in order to complete a customization!

Values are just for my reference.

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