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0. Important & Misc. Info


GBCs Available: 3 // Giftboxes Left: 3 // Dyepots Available: 1

Hello lovely! Please reach out to me if you have any offers! I will always reply to any trade inquiries, so if I don't get back to you for any reason it would only be due to technical difficulties. I am on everyday, usually in the mornings and evenings ^^

*Note: If you see the same item on multiple lists it's because I have spares of that item.

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1. New & Unvalued

These items are newer and don't have a value established.

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3. Regular Tradelist

*Accepting GBCs and item/item trades! *

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Items SunflowerLoving wants

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1. Top Priority

Really need these to complete customizations and galleries! Number = Current Value
(34 means 3-4, 12 means 1-2, no # means I see this item in a lot of 2:1 sales, etc.)

I can offer a mix of GBCs and items off my tradelist.

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4. Dream Wishes

It's very unlikely that I will ever attain these...But if I have multiple of your wishes that you're willing to trade for then lmk!

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