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Items strawberrystraws owns

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00. intro

~ please read the following before trading with me! ~

last updated: 03 Jan 2021
timezone: NST+2
the state of the union: not seeking GBCs or custom, except for list 4

i have five accounts i trade with:

blackbird360z (main) • youwerefakeiwasgreat • faradayspizza • frontwardz • soupfanatic

however, i will only neomail you from my main!
i will ALWAYS respond to a neomail! if i don't respond within 48 hours, feel free to neomail me again.

thanks for reading; i look forward to trading w you!

This list is empty.

02. htpw

not necessarily by value. NOT seeking GBCs

This list is empty.

03. uft - regular

please read intro to see whether or not i'm accepting GBCs

This list is empty.

04. uft - 2:1

2:1 for a GBC or 1:1 dyepot. can do 3:1 on some, just ask

This list is empty.


if this is public, that means i'm open to trading my closet items for my high priority wishes marked '99'
55 = lousychick
66 = youwerefakeiwasgreat
77 = faradayspizza
88 = frontwardz
99 = soupfanatic

This list is empty.

Items strawberrystraws wants

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01. high priority

i needed these yesterday

This list is empty.

03. pretties

*spongebob voice* i don't need it i don't need it i don't need it

some day...but probably not today

This list is empty.
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