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0. Overview

Updated: November 2020

66 = Items are for a side
77 = I disagree with values I've seen
99 = Priority level [various numbers with 9s]

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00. Dyeworks Lending

These are only for dyeworks lending, not for trade.
If I have many boxes I can lend one for a small wish, otherwise I'm seeking gift box caps.

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Main Account

Box Count: Low to none. Need to confirm I have the item prior to trading - had some issues importing items to DTI. Also have Birthday cake slice 3.

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Items spellfall wants

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Currently Seeking

Items I need ASAP for customizations I have planned. The more 9999s, the more I'd love to work out a trade.

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High Priority

Often seeking customs and gift box capsules as well.
99 = highest priority. Ignore any other numbers - they're for my reference.

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