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Up For Trade

Please feel free to neomail me if you're interested in any of the NC items below. I'm trying to finish a custom and am very flexible in terms of making that final trade. :) I also have some GBCs available if needed (I don't need any GBCs). Much love!

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These are items I wouldn't mind getting a hold of, but they're not high priority.

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High Priority

The following item is needed to finish a custom, so I'm willing to trade anything from my UFT list, including multiple items! I don't need any GBCs. Please note that I MAY consider trading my Cherry Blossom Garland to obtain this item, but the CBG is worth 25-30 on Waka, while the Sea Shell Curtains are only worth 2-3, so there is a huge discrepancy there and it requires filling the gap to make the trade fair. Thank you!

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