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Last Updated : 10/6/20

I mainly base on /~Waka and /~Priscilla values,

Numbers = Value
No Number = 1
anything over the value is probably harder to part with but offer anyway!

Wishlist Numbers = How much I would offer
21 = 1-2 GBC or 2:1 Sales
55 = Unknown / Not Trading Right Now

I'm always happy to negotiate, if you want anything just mail ^^ we can work something out!

Everything listed is UFT
I just have my side account items on separate catagories so it's easier to see.

My current wardrobe is set to private ^^

Feel free to send me your trade lists too and I'll let you know if I want any items! Not everything is on my wishlist here and I'm always making new customs.

Seeking GBCs and FQCs

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  • Thanks for looking at my list :*
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    Foregrounds / Garlands / Showers

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    x Gifts x

    Never UFT.

    Thank you so much to everyone who has gifted ^^ I will treasure them all.

    I always add my gifts to /~Blixie but I wanted to add them here to keep track.

    Thank you so much everyone! This list is empty.

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