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0. Welcome!

Last updated: October 2020
Timezone: 9 hours ahead of NST (=GMT+2)

Hey! I'm Nivniv and this is my wishlist and tradelist :) Feel free to send a neomail if you would like to trade. I always respond within 24 hours, so if I haven't answered, I didn't get your mail. Update October 31st: I have been busy in September/October, sorry :( If I didn't respond to your neomail, feel free to send one again!


TL Contents:
1. Highlights
2. Regular Tradelist
3. HTPW/Tradeable Closet
4. 2:1 GBC/Archive Cookie Sale
5. Seasonal Buyables
6. Side Account UFT

WL Contents:
1. High Priority: Currently seeking everything
2. Medium Priority: Currently seeking most items
3. Low Priority: Not seeking. Only accepting offers of pops/dyeworks
4. VERY Low Priority: Not seeking atm
5. Gallery: Only seeking if discounted, or for GBCs/custom if higher valued

This list is empty.

1. Highlights

Highlights from my regular tradelist :)
CURRENTLY SEEKING: High/medium wishes for some of these, GBCs/archive cookies for others. Just offer, or mail to ask.
Number = quantity

This list is empty.

2. Regular Tradelist

These are all easy to part with for me :)
CURRENTLY SEEKING: High/medium wishes, archive cookies, or GBCs (any of these are fine)
I'm constantly clearing out this list and might do 2:1 on items readily available on DTI (like around 150-200+ uft), feel free to ask ^
= quantity.

This list is empty.

3. HTPW/Tradeable Closet

These are items from my closet can be traded for certain wishes. Not everything is equally HTPW, but since all of this is in my closet, it's harder to part with than my regular tradelist. That being said, my untradeable closet is always hidden, so I'm actually willing to part with anything listed here.

CURRENTLY SEEKING: I'll only accept high priority wishes or pops for these, no gbcs or customs (unless I ask). I MIGHT also accept certain medium priority wishes for anything I value 3 or lower. Mail to ask.

99 = HTPW for me :S (no planned customs, I just really like them)
9999 = You'd better have an amazing offer (because they are part of my planned customs)

This list is empty.

4. 2:1 Archive cookie/GBC sale

Please take these things from me, thank you :3
CURRENTLY SEEKING: GBCS and archive cookies, either one is fine. I can also trade anything on this list 1:1 for my 2:1 wishes in all priority wishlists (including low priority).

This list is empty.

5. Seasonal Buyables

I can always offer these as a custom as long as they are still buyable :)
If anything here isn't available in the mall anymore, but it's still on the list, that means I've been slow to update. If the item isn't buyable anymore and I don't have the item on any other list, it's not UFT. Sorry!

This list is empty.

Items nivetha16 wants

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1. High Priority Wishlist

These are either:
1. Items for planned customisations for my pets that I need noooooow D:
2. Items that I need for future customisations that I need in my closet now to satisfy my soul. hahahaha.

This list is empty.

3. Low Priority Wishlist

Things I find pretty, but have no plans for. I am NOT actively seeking these. This list is public, not trading.
You can offer these, but unless it's a pop or dyeworks, I will most likely say no. You've been warned.

This list is empty.
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