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0. Welcome!

I'm not as active on neo these days due to real life stuff, I will be slow to respond to neomails. But I will still always respond, most likely within a day :)

Hey! I'm Nivniv and this is my wishlist and tradelist :) I recently started NC customisation (around the beginning of March 2020) so I'm still building my tradelist. Slowly but surely :)

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1. 2:1 GBC/archive cookie sale

Please take these things from me, thank you :3

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2. Regular Trading List

Offer away :) Either wishlist items, GBCs or customs. Number = quantity.
(most likely not trading for GBCs at the moment, I have too many, haha)

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1. High Priority Wishlist

These are either:
1. Items for planned customisations for my pets that I need noooooow D:
2. Items that I need for future customisations that I need in my closet now to satisfy my soul. hahahaha.

This list is empty.

3. Low Priority Wishlist (casual trades)

I just find these pretty :D
But if it's on this list, I'm not actively looking... yet ;)
Most likely not looking for these at the moment, unless they are pops/dyeworks/higher valued.
21 = looking for it in a 2:1 sale

This list is empty.
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