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Items kynre owns

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00. an intro

i'm almost always seeking gbcs/dyepots/cookies and am willing to negotiate for most items on my tl! always doing 2:1 on buyables + retireds and maybe cookies/smaller items depending on my box count c:

unless i've specified i'm offering gbcs for an item in my wl or offered them to you directly, i'm not offering gbcs for my wishes.

last updated: feb 2021

This list is empty.

01. dyeworks lends

lending these out for 2:1 gbcs or 1:1 dyepots/small wishes if i've got the boxes for it

This list is empty.

03. on main

numbers are quantity, not value!

77 means it's a pending trade

This list is empty.

04. on sides

box count: 0

10/20/30/40 - numbers indicate my side accounts, not quantity

This list is empty.

Items kynre wants

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i. priority wishes

last items to finish customs! actively seeking!

99 - priority

21 - hoping to find in a 2:1

12, 23, 34, etc - values based on /~waka

This list is empty.

ii. lesser of a priority

customs that need to be finished at some point ;u; actively seeking!

This list is empty.

iv. replacements

reminders of the stuff that i've traded away and might want back someday

99 are ones i'll trade for/accept as a filler

This list is empty.

x. maybe one day...

dreams ;u;

This list is empty.
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