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0. Welcome

Welcome to my tradelist!
I am currently looking for my wishes.
At this time i am not intrested in gbc's, unless the items are on a side account.
Dyeworks can be lend 2:1 for a Gbc or 1:1 for dw pots and cookies
I might be a little picky with some items so i apologize in advance

Boxes: 24
GBCs: 0
Customs: Available

Usukicon Y22 caps: 4
RR jukebox caps: 1
Rainy Day Retired caps: 3

Last updated:

This list is empty.

1. Foregrounds, Garlands & Scenery

This list is empty.

2. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

3. Clothes

This list is empty.

7. Items on side accounts

My sides will most likely always be out of boxes so i highly prefer getting GBC offers for these items, but feel free to ask anyway.

Other items:
13th Birthday Whimsical Cupcake 3x
13th Birthday Diamond Cupcake 3x
13th Birthday Midsummer Cupcake 3x

This list is empty.

8. Closet

Probably only up for trade if i mention them or if you have wishes that i desperately need

This list is empty.
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