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0. Please read ! ~

Hey, thank you for checking out my tradelist. Let me know if you have any of my wishes. Some of the items on my list are very hard to part with so i'm sorry if i turn down a fair offer!

Currently seeking: Wishes

*not accepting GBC's for every item in my list, feel free to ask though ^^ !

NP wishlist:

Last updated on 9/7/20.

This list is empty.

0.1 Dye work lends

These items can be lend 2:1 for a Gbc or 1:1 for cookies and dyework pots

This list is empty.

3. Clothes

This list is empty.

8. GBC sale

Will send 2:1 or 3:1 depending on the amount of boxes i get from the GBC

This list is empty.

Items lucario348 wants

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0. Ultimate wishes

These items are my ultimate dreams but they seem to be very valueable at this time. I would love to get them one day, but for now i will only stare at them in DTI, IF you're considering trading one of these items, please let me know ~

This list is empty.

1. High priority wishes

This list is empty.
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