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0. - Welcome

Updated: 7/5/2020

Hello! Welcome to my Neocash WL/TL page! I'm a seasoned trader who started over on a new account - Do not let my account age worry you!

I follow: /~Waka (/~Valentine), /~Priscilla & /~Sovenn regarding all trades - including populars & HTF items! The last resort I would do would be a VC board for a more stable value!

Feel free to mail me any time regarding any trades! I'm super friendly and will try and get back to you in a timely manner

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3. - Tradelist (Neocash)

Neocash items that are UFT

# mean quantity

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Items LilDreams wants

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0. - Meridell Wishlist

I'm looking for all of these items for my Altador Cup team; Meridell! Please let me know if you have them UFT and if anything in my TL would interest you!

'100' means this item is buyable currently!!

'99' means highest priority!

'21' means 2:1 sale!

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