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Items LilDreams owns

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0. - Attention

Updated: Jan 2021

[Jan 10, 2021] Not actively trading as much due to the beta right now so expect some delays if mailing me about any trades! Thank you.

Box Count: 10+

C L I C K || F O R || C L O S E T

Hello! I'm Ariana and welcome to my Neocash wishlist/tradelist!

Due to the recent scammings happening on the boards - I will 'only' contact you from [softypaws] regarding ANY form of trades!

Any/All #s except '99' refer to [quantity]

I follow:
/~Valentine | /~Priscilla | /~Sovenn
regarding all trades - including populars & HTF items!

This list is empty.

0.2 - Hard to Part

Set to public - not trading

'99+' items are not for trade at this time

Very hard to part with - Don't be upset if I'm not interested in trading

This list is empty.

0.2.1 - Dyeworks

This list is empty.

0.3 - Regular Tradelist

This list is empty.

Items LilDreams wants

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1. - Priority

'666' are extremely priority

This list is empty.

2. - Seeking for Friend

Please let me know if you have any of these UFT for my friends gallery!

This list is empty.
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