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Hi all!!! If you're interested in trading feel free to Nm me! :D I'm online daily

Always seeking GBC's!!

Everything In my TL is UFT, I do have a hidden closet But those are only for Hard to find wishes Its not public

Please do not NM me underoffers!

Zuccnini is the only account I trade from!

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1) 1- Dyeworks lends

I'll be more than happy to lend these 1:1 a Dyepot or 2:1 GBC

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1) 2:1 GBC

2:1 GBC/Archive or 1:1 FQC/dyepot

I am not picky with these items at all Please feel free to offer!!!

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3) 3+ GBC/Highlights

Numbers stand for estimated GBC values I use ~waka for general values

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Items zucchini wants

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1) Highest priority

Can offer Custom/TL for these!

Always looking for GBC's/Archive cookies :D

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2) General Wishlist

zzz) NP Items/Goals

Wearable items I'm saving up for:

Pet goals

FFQ Chocolate Xwee [X]

Draik morphing potion [x]

Woodland PB Markcus [x ]

Water PB for xsabier/feeji [x]

100's are items I own

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