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Items zucchini owns

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1 Info

I'm not too active anymore, but im looking to liquidate my TL so offer away, I have most of my major wishes at this point so its whatever

Always looking for GBC's/Dyepots

Zuccnini is the only account I trade from!

This list is empty.

1) 1- Dyeworks lends

I'll be more than happy to lend these 1:1 a Dyepot or 2:1 GBC/ asides from that they are not UFT

This list is empty.

1) 2:1 GBC

I dont want this junk offer away

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Items zucchini wants

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1) Dyeworks wishlist

recent DW I'm interested in

This list is empty.

1) Highest priority

Always looking for GBC's/Archive cookies :D

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zzz) NP Items/Goals

Wearable items I'm saving up for:

Pet goals

FFQ Chocolate Xwee [X]

Draik morphing potion [x]

Woodland PB Markcus [x ]

Water PB for xsabier/feeji [x]

100's are items I own

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