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the key to my TL:

htpw is definitely uft but likely only towards high priority wishes :)

7 indicated the item is currently reserved, 4 means it is on a side

also: I love NMs

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b2// closet and htpw

not up for gbcs, but willing to replace items for my big dreams

88 is a gift

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c// 2:1 Sale!

for the love of god, please take these away from me

anything 2:1 is uft 2:1 GBC or archive or upcycle cookie

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d// 1-2 GBCs

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y// Dyeworks Lending

1:1 for dye pot, upcycle cookie or 2:1 for GBC or archive cookie

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Items tshevv wants

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1// big dreams

always actively seeking medium-high-big wishes, with varying levels of priority

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6// replacements

99 means I'll prob trade htpw for it, 33 is lowest priority

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