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Only UFT for (most) wishes! 99 means it's mainly towards something I'm actively seeking. Apologies in advance if I am unwilling to part with these for certain offers.

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Dyeworks lending for 1 GBC or 1 Archive!

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Up for Trade!

I am not super picky about most of the items on this list and will trade for pretty much anything, feel free to send me an offer! 99 means I'm less likely to accept GBCs unless I really need them.

I will generally only send you items from my main account, aurorium, though I have the occasional item on a side - all of which are easily linked on my lookup.

Good luck trading!

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Items focaccia wants

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1. High Priority Wishes

I have immediate plans for these and will offer GBCs, custom, and "99" TL items for them.

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2. Medium Priority Wishes

Nice things I will usually offer custom or GBCs for, will offer some "99" items for HTF wishes here.

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3. Lowest Priority Wishes

Dress to Impress
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