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Items astrobae owns

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< 001. Welcome >

Hi there! I'm Astra and this is my trade and wish list regarding to NC items.
Everything here is UFT, except for < 002. Gifts >.

Mail me if you're interested in trading. I'm almost online everyday.

Box count:
Gift Box: 00;
GBC: 08;

Last update was Apr. 2021.


This list is empty.

< 002. Gifts >

Just so you know, this list is public, not trading.

Here is where I put the lovely gifts I've received from friends and others kind neopians! If you're one of them, thank you soooo much! You made my day! (:

Items here will never be UFT. Please don't ask.

If you see the same item on another list, it's most likely I've got a spare.

This list is empty.

< 005. Dyeworks Tradelist >

Prefer to do DW swaps for items in this list
22 = pending trade
99 = HTPW
999 = Only UFT for wishes
21 = Can do 2:1 for DW RR Cap only.

This list is empty.

< 006. Regular Tradelist >

Accepting GBCs/Archives cookies for all items listed here.
22 = pending trade.

This list is empty.

< 007. 2:1 Sale >

Two items for one GBC/Archive cookie or one item for one FQC/Lab ray cookie/dye pot.

This list is empty.

Items astrobae wants

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< 001. High Priority Wishes >

Need these items with high priority because I already have the pets that I want to customize using them.

Currently offering my TL or GBCs.

99 = I'd trade even my soul for this item. Might not be kidding tho. If you have it UFT just let me know and I'll find your wishes for you.

21 = only seeking the item if it's a 2:1.
22 = pending.

This list is empty.

< 002. Mid Priority >

Not offering GBCs for these items, only my TL.
I still don't have the pets but I'd like to have the items asap.

This list is empty.
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