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1.1: UFT

~Please Read~


I don't have many things to offer so I'm more than happy to trade customs/ GBCs/ cookies/ or whatever for stuff I'm after most of the time..... Just ask! :) I buy a lot of NC so chances are good I have Future fashions access most months

I use ~/Waka for values.

Again....I apologize for such a terribly small trade list, its kinda embarrassing. Most of this stuff was on random side accounts i'm downsizing from. And yes most of my trade list is background/ foreground items as I have no use for clothes/ accessories. I don't add buyable junk... if for whatever reason your looking for stuff like that though just ask!

My main account was hacked and frozen a few years ago so I lost all my awesome NC items :(

So I'm trying to rebuild by just getting my favorite background and foreground items and also gallery wishes.

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1.2: A bit HTPW...

1.4: Seasonal

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1.6 Miscellaneous/ Other

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00: Pending Trades

items i want that are currently in limbo regarding trades

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4: Low priority Space Gallery

Dress to Impress
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