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Items talky_toon owns

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1.1: UFT

Hiya! Welcome to my trade list! :D

2020 Retired Dyeworks caps available: 12


I'm more than happy to trade customs/ GBCs/ cookies/ or whatever for stuff I'm after most of the time..... Just ask! :) I buy a lot of NC so chances are good I have Future fashions access most months! Also feel free to mail me on potential future pre-trades.... Like for big / popular holiday events or when RR caps come out.

I can accept GBC's for most things in my regular trade lists, just ask!

I use ~/Waka for values.

My time zone is the same as Neopets.... But I am however.... Nocturnal!

Which means I'm mostly active in the evenings and late at night... Usually anywhere from 6pm- 8am. That's the best time to reach me, and don't worry I log on every day! So I will eventually respond to any mail.

Feel free to drop me a mail sometime about trades! I don't bite. :)


peaceful tree garland

philosophers wig

butterfly dress

butterfly shower

faerie dust shower

Baby tuxedo

Dainty Faerie Wing Skirt

Elegant Mutant Cape

This list is empty.

1.2: The Gooooood Stuff! ;)

This list is my

Highlights/ Pops/ and HTPW

I'd rather trade stuff on this list for my high priority/ medium/ expensive/ or pop-HTF wishes. Not really interested in GBCs for most things here unless stated otherwise on the boards. But depending on the item... I MIGHT be swayed for GBC's. Mainly clothing/ handheld items. Thanks for understanding :)

Items labeled 99: Is HTPW But please don't be intimidated by that! They're not un-tradeable by any means! :) Will gladly part with them for high/ medium/ and pop-HTF wishes.

Items Labeled 55: Means I'm either unsure of or personally don't agree with Waka value. They're slightly hart to part with.

Items labeled 888: Means it is currently on hold. I'm waiting for a response from someone in regards to a trade.

Any other number just means I have a duplicate. So much more inclined to trade them :)

Everything else unlabeled is just cool/ popular, and I'm not really attached to them.

This list is empty.

1.4) For your widdle baby...

This list is empty.

1.5: Backgrounds

This list is empty.

1.6) Lower foreground/ Background Items

This list is empty.

1.7) Garlands/ Lights/ Frames/ Trees

This list is empty.

1.9) Dresses/ Shirts/ Trousers/ Capes

This list is empty.

2) Wigs/ Hats

This list is empty.

2.1) Handhelds

This list is empty.

2.3) Trinkets

This list is empty.

Items talky_toon wants

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00: Pending and Pre-Trades

items I want that are currently in limbo regarding trades

Items labeled 99 are currently set up to be traded for already

This list is empty.

1: Highest Priority Wishes! (Regular and Gallery)

Need ASAP for planned customs soon

If something is labeled 99 it means I REALLY need it. I may be willing to OVER OFFER for.

Will gladly trade Pops/ HTPW for things here

Also need these un-wearables!

Dream Lands Mystery Capsule

99 means big priority. 21 means id like to find in a 2:1 or 1 cap sale.

This list is empty.

3) Casual/ Cute stuff I may want

3) Gotta Replace these at some point

I need these baaaaaaack :(

This list is empty.

5.5: Casual.... expensive Pretties/ Pops

9.5) Dupes are nice!

Items I already have but could use another of.. or to use as trade fodder.

Will always accept these

This list is empty.
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