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HP 1: Philosophers Stone

UPDATED Nov 2020*

Welcome to Grizzly's list. ^_^

I am online every day. If you dont get a response, please send nm again. I get a lot of glitches.

You can often find me on the NC boards, Im normally lurking.

My closet is closed 99% of the time, if you have impossible wishes/ high priority wishes, please send me a nm.

This list is empty.

HP 2: Chamber of Secrets

Anything here I can lend for a dye, small wish item or 2:1 for gbc. :)

'9' refers to a limited time dye.

This list is empty.

HP 3: Prisoner of Azkaban

More popular items/higher value.

99 - HTPW

Any other numbers are AMOUNTS

I go by ~waka & ~priscilla for value!


This list is empty.

HP 4: Goblet of Fire

Regular Tradelist

Any numbers are quantity and not value.

I go by Priscilla and Waka for value.