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Items Sides owns

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0. Non-wearables UFT

* * * Please actually take the few seconds to read from the section you're inquiring on. * * *
I am nice, but it's super irritating getting several mails asking questions that are already clearly answered here. I am not seeking or offering anything that is not listed on this page. I am not seeking any wearables, so I don't browse tl's, sorry. Also, I am not seeking regular gbcs for anything except the 'take it away' section. Thanks.

Non-wearables UFT

4 training cookies
4 Sweetheart RR gram caps *
Variety of GBCs/BF gbcs *
3 Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widget 1-pack
3 Paper Hearts Goodie Bag
* = gonna be real picky.

This list is empty.

2. Regular UFT

Seeking BF gbcs for this section.
Numbers = my values/price.
Will also consider custom, archives or upcycles if I need any at the time.
Not seeking regular gbcs or anything else.
(I have 3 Gate to Deserted Fairground Foregrounds)

This list is empty.

3. Take it away!

This section only!
Send any gbc & pick as many items as boxes it gives!
* OR *
2:1 for FQC or Pink paper bag
4:1 for Upcycle
6:1 for Archive or RR cap
Numbers = quantity

This list is empty.

Items Sides wants

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Casually seeking:

For MME26 - I have ID 82356 - seeking the other now ID 82338 I believe.
Other than this, I am not seeking ANY other wearables, so I don't browse tls/galleries, sorry.
Only seeking or offering what is listed on this page.

This list is empty.
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