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1 - Please, read this first

Hello! If nothing from my tradelist is on your wishlist please let me know! I can offer customs , GBCubes or Cookies for certain wishes.

I'm a frequent trader and my closet items often change. If you'd like to, feel free to send me a mail. I'm not good at answering them all, tho. Especially if none of my wishes are included.

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These are some of my most loved items. They might be high valued or not, I don't care, love them all. I may be currently using them, but I am still willing to take offers on them. All of these items are hard to part with so please, don't be offended if I turn down some fair offers!

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NC FOR TRADE (Regular)

This is my regular NC trade list. Not picky with these items. Trading for my wishes and GBCs.

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Still don't know if these are HTPW, closet items or not.

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Z. Beautiful items

Dress to Impress
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