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Items openneoqty owns

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Just everything I might consider trading. Some are for sure trades, but others I'm a bit more picky about. May sort this out more later.

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Not UFT - Accomplishments!!

NOT UFT!!! Items I'm proud to own/worked hard to get and finally achieved! (this is also here to show why my UFT always seems to stink)

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NP wearables in SDB

NP stuff I know I will never ever ever ever wear but didn't want to take out of my closet (until now) in fear of them being lost forever in my 5000+ items there! NM me if you like one of them and would like to make an offer!

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Items openneoqty wants

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NC dreams and wishies

Anything here can range from mid to high priority or just stuff I know I'll never get but I just like to daydream about.

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NC lowest priority

I will consider offers with these items but bear in mind I have loads of other wishies and might be more picky here. That said I will be more willing to consider the retired items here than the buyables as well.

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NP Wishes and Dreams

Dreamers can dream...slowly saving up for all of these!

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Dress to Impress
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