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2b. Tradelist

When trading, I use the following guides:

/~clara for smaller items
/~korolie & /~saphronn
/~rinsey & /~lyl for bigger items
I sometimes disagree with values listed on guides, and am always willing to make a VC board.
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1. Actively Seeking

I am aware that some of these items will be hard to find. I hope to add them to my closet, eventually!

SEEKING NON WEARABLE: Captain Threelegs Room Key! I am looking to add this item to my eyrie gallery, so if you have one laying around or know someone that does, please mail me so we can arrange a trade!
No number: Might want someday, but no plans right now.
2: No plans yet, only offering TL items, if I'm interested.
3: Only offering TL items.
4: Offering a combo of GBCs + items from my TL for it
5: Offering full GBCs for it

999: Need to replace eventually

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