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Items Akari owns

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Up for trade

Unfortunately this list is largely incomplete, I'm always finding things missing. If you don't see something here, show me your WL!! I almost always have something that's just not on my list. :)

Unwearables UFT: https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/akari/197574/

100 means reserved for a trade

This list is empty.

Items Akari wants

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Currently on hiatus from Neo

I'll be back when I can properly customize again. Very sorry if I'm not replying to NMs.

Stuff I super duper want ASAP. Show me your Wish Lists! I've got plenty of stuff not listed that I'm happy to trade. :)
Items marked 100 are pending trade.

This list is empty.

Regular Wishes

Other stuff I want, just not quite as desperately. :)

Please note that some of these items I put on my WL before I had brain surgery and can't quite remember why I wanted them, but I don't want to take them off the list because I had a reason I wanted them, I just can't remember it. I might pass on trades for these items, or take a while to figure out where they need to be sent. Just please be patient as I figure things out. ^^

This list is empty.
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